Northern Ireland Veterans Awards Categories

Role Model of the Year

A Military Veteran in business who has not only transitioned successfully to the civilian world but has been a pillar of the local Community and also a strong and effective role model to other service leavers.  How have you been a role model? What have you done to inspire others? Have you inspired other service leavers since leaving the forces?

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The Community Award

Are you a veteran that works for a business, oganisation or charity that has gone above and beyond for your local community? Are you a role model who goes that extra mile for friends and neighbours ? You may have raised money for charity or fundraised to help local projects. You might work with local schools, colleges or other charitable groups to raise awareness of needs of vulnerable people and promote social change . Do you spread a positive message to the wider community, perhaps those from our veteran Community? If so apply today!

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Contribution to the Northern Ireland Fitness Industry and Society

Are you a veteran that has pushed the boundaries within the Fitness Industry? What have you done to go above and beyond to improve the Health, Fitness and well-being of our Nation? Have you inspired others to make a change to their lifestyle? Do you have that can do attitude that you need to be successful within the fitness industry?

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The Health & Well-being Award

Are you  an organisation that promotes and encourages others to maintain a good heath and well-being?  what does your organisation do to connect and promote a healthy  well-being?  How does your organisation promote maintaining a good Mental health? does your organisation lead from the front to promote a positive environment!  you will need to give examples on how you’ve gone above and beyond.

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Reservist of the Year Award

This award recognises those reservists that are juggling a military career alongside their civilian role? Do you promote the Reserves? What skills does your time in the reserves bring to your civilian career?  How have you excelled in your civilian life/ career and has your time in the reserves had any bearing on this?

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Entrepreneur of the Year

This category is for service leavers who have thought outside the box and started their own business and really contributed to the Nation . What have you done?
What makes this exciting and why is working? What are your standout achievements? Have you got any testimonials? We will also look at your company performance (eg growth, turnover etc)

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Channing Day Inspiration of  the Year Award

Are you a person that has inspired others within your community or in business with your actions?  Have you seized the opportunities when they have arisen? What makes you stand out from the rest? Are you a dynamic person that inspires others with a passion for progress? This person needs to be inspiring. Most of all you will be a shining star and a true inspiration to business people and our Community.

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Employer of the Year

Does your organisation have a commitment to attracting, employing and retaining ex-forces personnel and reservists? We will look at your commitment to our veterans including how you recruit them, what support you offer, what training is delivered and also why you chose to employ former military personnel and serving reservists.

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Lifetime Achievement

This category will look at the applicant’s whole career – in the military, their business and community achievements after leaving the military. We look at what was achieved whilst serving Queen and Country as well as what you have achieved since leaving the Armed forces. Have you excelled whilst serving and also in Civi street? If so apply today!

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Business Leader of the Year

This award is open to a leader of an organisation or a leader of a department within a large organisation, who has demonstrated outstanding business leadership. We will be looking at what your leadership has brought to the table? How has your organisation or department within a large organisation grown? How have you contributed to the success of the team? We would require you to outline with figures how your leadership has been effective within your organisation?

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Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to a Veteran who has volunteered their time and made an impact on, or contributed to the development of other veterans, performers, a club, their community, events or the wider community in general? If so , Where does the volunteering take place? How many hours are contributed per week? How does their work benefit the Community? Any other achievements, and where they have gone ‘above and beyond’ normal expectations?

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Veterans Business of the Year Award

This award recognises those Businesses that have exceeded their initial targets for growth and already show a significance within the industry they are operating in? Has your business overcome challenges? Adopted a clear understanding of the market you operate in and do you have the foundations in place for continued success and potential expansion?

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