Meet the Judges – 2022


Paddy Glennon, Owner, Fee Free Military Mortgage Advice

Dad to Emmy & Tommy & Husband to Heather and a friend to many… the rest of the time im a Mortgage Adviser. My business Fee Free Military Mortgage Advice does exactly just that, for me its an excuse to keep in touch with my military life of which I spent the majority serving in Thiepval Barracks in Lisburn with 225 Sig Sqn, ECM FP (Romeo Troop).

Before joining the military I worked in banking for 6 years do the transition wasn’t exactly spontaneous but I certainly learnt how things should be done and we express that in the way we do business.

We get a lot of praise for what we do for those who are still serving or those that are now like us, Veterans. The truth is what we do isn’t too special, its how we do it that is, I feel I know more about the important things that matter i.e. the military way of life as a second to the financial aspects. We try to position and adapt everything we do to make life fit the military way of life which we all know never really leaves us.

Again selfishly I just love being around the military and this is a way to combine my old life with my new and that’s exactly why I’m proud to sponsor these awards.

Best of luck to everyone.


Vivian Mckinnon – Owner of Hydro – Ease

Bio – Vivian McKinnon is the Founder and Managing Director of Hydro-ease, Northern Ireland’s original  floatation Centre and the regional coordinator for SMART Recovery UK.

She is also a qualified and highly skilled and experienced trauma growth therapist who leans heavily into compassion and curiosity to guide and witness change in others. Vivian is committed to reducing the impacts of trauma and the related symptoms. Using the latest approaches in neuroscience in unison with floatation therapy, Vivian has developed her own unique approach to healing and personal growth through her proprietary programme , RAFT (Reconnection and Floatation Therapy). Supporting people to make sense of and release the decisions and experiences of the past

An authentic and engaging trainer, multi award winning international Public Speaker, Author and filmmaker Vivian firmly believes floatation and RAFT are the perfect antidotes to our modern frenetic world

Having almost 3 decades of the lived experience of adverse childhood experiences, trauma, addiction and shame she was introduced to floatation for the first time in 2004. After having a very profound and liberating experience she was keen to understand exactly what had just taken place. This saw her returning to education and training alongside some of the most captivating minds in the world of the modalities she studied.

Working with business leaders, vulnerable and disengaged individuals throughout the Charity and Voluntary, Public and Private sectors across the UK and USA Vivian has brought her exclusive and highly effective brand of human reconnection to those who are brave enough to dare greatly and transform the mindset of their past.

Since 2021 Vivian has been working with Jason Fox’s Rock to Recovery project and is currently the only official coach in Northern Ireland working with ex service men and women to heal and grow



Alana Surgenor – Forces Employment Charity 

My name is Alana Surgenor, and I am the Regional Employment Advisor for the Forces Employment Charity. I offer a lifetime of employment support to veterans living across the whole Island of Ireland. I have been doing this role for the last 6 years and I thoroughly enjoy it. The past 6 years has really highlighted how challenging it can be for Veterans in Northern Ireland, this makes my job even more rewarding, and I am proud to support veterans. I am very pleased that my Charity has sponsored a category for the first ever Northern Ireland Veteran Awards and excited to be a part of the judging process and be there on the night.



Rachael Harger – Veterans Commissioners Office

Rachael Harger works for the Northern Ireland Veterans Commissioner’s Office, after completing her own regular service of 10 years as a Royal Military Police Officer, having previously served with 208 (Bty) Royal Artillery as a Reserve Officer beforehand.
Rachael started her military journey first as a cadet with the Air Training Corps before moving onto join Queens University Training Corps whilst studying Design at the University of Ulster.  From here Rachael completed her Reserve Officer training gaining a TA Commission of which she transferred to 103 Regt. Royal Artillery, whilst completing her teacher training at St Martins College, Lancaster.
Wanting to gain life experience and to develop her leadership skills further following completion of her teacher training, Rachael successfully attended and passed the Regular Commissioning Course at Sandhurst in 2006, gaining a commission into the Royal Military Police.  This was the start of a decade-long career which included two tours of Afghanistan in 2010 and 2012; in both frontline support and mentoring roles.  Having had a wide and varied career, full of opportunity and learning, Rachael in 2016 left the Army to focus on her family and for a more stable work/life balance.
Since leaving the Army, Rachael has worked in youth engagement and as the Cadet Executive Officer for 2nd Bn Army Cadet Force. Now, Rachael’s focus is towards veterans, assisting the Veterans Commissioner (Danny Kinahan) to draw on the amazing attributes veterans bring to our community whilst recognising our veterans selfless service in times of need.
Liz brown – NI Veterans Support office 

Liz Brown worked part time with the NI office of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for 7 years, before taking up a new post in April 2018 with Cobseo/RFCA NI as Head of the NI Veterans’ Support Office with the core role of developing the capacity to deliver the Armed Forces Covenant in NI.

The NI Veterans’ Support Office (NI VSO) is responsible for building capacity to deliver the Armed Forces Covenant in Northern Ireland and for providing support to veterans where the latter’s needs are not met through statutory bodies and/or the charitable sector.  The office has a nationally recognised mandate and delivery targets which are reported to the OVA and has formal, embedded links to the Veterans’ Champions in each local authority in NI as well as Other Government Departments, other stakeholders and the third sector.



Kingsley Donaldson – The Mad Hatter 



Ian Henry – Henry Brothers Ltd



Tom Keenen – Andy Allan Veterans Support